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Horseshoes need not be as elaborate as those worn by this Hellknight's mount.

Horseshoes shield equine hooves from wear and hazards on the ground. While most commonly made of iron, they can be made of other more exotic metals, such as dawnsilver1 or adamantine.2 A specialized blacksmith who equips horseshoes is known as a farrier, and works on horses and centaurs alike.34

As magic items

Horseshoes can be enchanted with magical effects ranging from speed to levitation, to aiding in stampeding and hoof strikes in combat, or even to increase a horse's size, turn it into mist, or transform it into an infernal-looking beast.5 Clandestine horseshoes help the shod creature and its rider hide or even turn invisible.6

As a game

"Horseshoes" can also refer to a game where players attempt to have a stake planted in the ground catch an iron horseshoe thrown at it from a distance.7


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