House Graydon

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House Graydon
Type Noble house
Headquarters Ustalav
Scope National (Ustalav)
Structure Familial

Source: Knights of the Inner Sea, pg(s). Inside front cover

The Graydon family (motto: Guardians of the Dawn) are known for producing knights that are excellent soldiers and engineers. The family is also noted for its unbending loyalty to Ustalav's ruling family. Their heraldry is of a sun-silhouetted howling wolf.[1]

The family owns many lands including the town of Sturnidae in the county of Barstoi where a member of the family takes the title of Margrave of Sturnidae. The present Margrave, Cilas Graydon, is currently in exile in Lozeri; the Margrave was convicted of treason by Count Neska of Barstoi in the latter stages of the War Without Rivals for denouncing Neska as a tyrant.[2]


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