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Nation Ustalav
Region Barstoi
Size Town
Government Autocrat
Ruler House Graydon

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 14

The town of Sturnidae is found in the south of the Ustalavic county of Barstoi, very close to the blasted wasteland known as the Furrows.[1][2] Its proximity to the Furrows is never forgotten as, when the wind blows aright, a pall of grey ash from the wasteland is blown over the town; it lands on the fields tainting the crops and the food with decay. Furthermore, locals report seeing visions of the war in the clouds of dust, such as marching peasant soldiers and charging knights.[3]


The infamous serial murderer, Dr. D, visited Sturnidae and killed a local butcher on 17 Pharast 4594 AR.[4]

The Margrave of Sturnidae

The town is traditionally ruled by the Margrave of Sturnidae, a title held by the knightly House Graydon; however, the present Margrave, Cilas Graydon, is currently in exile in Lozeri. Graydon was convicted of treason by Count Neska of Barstoi in the latter stages of the War Without Rivals for denouncing Neska as a tyrant.[5][6]