Hydra's Fang

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Hydra's Fang
Class Galliot
Keel 50 ft.
Beam 15 ft.
Propulsion Two sailed masts
Fate Unknown. Last seen badly damaged in Diobel's far harbor.
Captain(s) Darsielle Du Moire ?-4708 AR
Crew 6+

Source: The Hydra's Fang Incident, pg(s). 10-12

The Hydra's Fang was a Chelish privateer vessel captained by the notorious Darsielle Du Moire. Under his leadership, she sank several vessels and looted several towns along the Andoren coast. It was most famously involved in the eponymous Hydra's Fang incident, a battle between it and a pair for Chelish ships (one of which was Righteous Fury) under the command of Rear-Admiral Gusarre the Bleak. The Hydra's Fang narrowly escaped the conflict after killing the admiral and crippling his flag-ship.[1]