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Type Aberration
CR Varies
Environment Underground (Apostae)
Adjective Ilee

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 44
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The Ilee[1] are an intelligent, unusually-heterogenous race native to Apostae.[2]


Outside of intelligence and the ability to communicate with each other, the Ilee possess no universally shared traits, and their forms are always wildly different, from a huge-eyed centaur to a headless insect. Ilee children often share some sort of trait with each parent. Due to their multitude of forms, the Ilee are often startled by the bizarre homogeneity of other races.[2]


Grandfather Stone, an ancient, brilliant construct and the only inhabitant of Apostae who remembers its origin and mission, cannot recall whether the Ilee are the inbred descendants of the crew, creatures engineered to be pilots, or the offspring of a race originally harvested by the crew that ended up turning against them and erasing their traces.[2]


All Ilee reproduction is handled by the Chamber of Life in Apostae, which declares the form of the newborn child. When an Ilee couple or triune want a child, they present themselves to an obelisk in the Chamber of Life, where they are bathed in light by a black eye in its side. After a year, when they return, the monolith will present them with their child.[2]

Very few children are stillborn, but a few are in constant pain or deemed too ineffective to be useful; these children are released into the wild, where most die, though some survive and even devise new ways to procreate.[2]


The Ilee inhabit the interior of Apostae, from the blast doors on the surface to the Worldheart, which is protected by automated defences and forbidden to the Ilee. The population density is thin, and the Ilee tend to congregate around food sources, leaving most areas empty except for monsters, ghosts or robots.[2]

The Ilee are divided into tribal groups, separated by vast swathes of land and cultural differences. Conflicts are not uncommon, especially in religious sites; only the Chamber of Life is truly neutral ground, as the Ilee know that without it they would die out.[2]

The Ilee know nothing of the world outside: the hull of Apostae blocks even teleportation and planar travel, to the point that the gods have difficulty entering the interior of Apostae. Ilee clerics are nearly non-existent, and their religion, which is completely faith-based and has nothing to do with miracles, often incorporates worship of Apostae and the robots that maintain it. Most Ilee tribes believe in the prophecy of a Chosen One, who will one day open the way to the Worldheart, past its guardians, take control of Apostae, guide it to a safe, abundant place, and open the surface doors to give the Ilee a new life.[2]


  1. "Ilee" is used as the singular and plural, and is always capitalised.
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