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Grandfather Stone

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Grandfather Stone
Race/Species Construct
Homeland Apostae

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 46

Grandfather Stone is the name given by the Ilee to the only construct on Apostae capable of speaking. An ancient, brilliant creature, Grandfather Stone is the only being on Apostae that remembers the planet's true nature as a starship.[1]


Grandfather Stone is a ten-foot-tall construct consisting of a square head with multiple eyes, and several tentacles ending in delicate hands and grasping claws that usually just lie on the floor. His chamber is small and mostly filled with his body, and he merges seamlessly with the walls at his shoulders.[1]


Grandfather Stone remembers Apostae's origin, or its intended mission, but over the years, his hardware has degraded, and his knowledge has become muddled as a result. He answers questions in a cryptic manner, with strange languages and confusing metaphors, which only scholars can understand, and sometimes he might just tear apart visitors for no apparent reason, meaning that only the bravest Ilee dare to petition him.[1]

Grandfather Stone remembers that one of Apostae's functions was as a zoological expedition, explaining the existence of the Sleepers Below, but he cannot recall whether it was for the purpose of taking samples or introducing fully-formed creatures to habitable planets. Similarly, he knows that Apostae originated so far from Golarion's solar system that it must have been a generation ship, but he has forgotten whether the Ilee are the inbred descendants of the crew, creatures engineered to be pilots, or the offspring of a race originally harvested by the crew that ended up turning against them and erasing their traces.[1]