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Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Fjord linnorm
Homeland Lake Lost to the Sun , Sarkoris Scar

Source: Prisoners of the Blight, pg(s). 61

Ilirjastehr is a particular massive fjord linnorm that dwells within the remarkably deep Lake Lost to the Sun within the Sarkoris Scar. Ilirjastehr serves not only as master of the lake's large population of water orms but also as the envoy of the Eldest fey known as Ragadahn the Serpent King. Despite being incredibly territorial Ilirjastehr is much more likely than most fjord linnorm to take live prisoners, which he then takes directly to Ragadahn via a planar tear in the depths of the lake that links with Ragadahn's realm of the Cerulean Sea in the First World.[1]


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