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Fjord linnorm

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Fjord linnorm
A fjord linnorm.

One of the weaker forms of linnorm, fjord linnorms resemble massive draconic eels with foul, freezing breaths and potent poison dripping from their fangs.1


Fjord linnorms, like all linnorms, look like giant serpents with two huge clawed arms but also resemble vast eels with massive maws. Fjord linnorms' tails end in a powerful fluke that helps them swim. Despite being one of the weaker forms of linnorm, they are still vast, stretching over 60 feet in length and weighing in at well over 10,000 pounds.1

Habitat and ecology

Fjord linnorms are primeval dragons with a fundamental hatred of all other living beings. While not true dragons they possess typical draconic greed and brute strength to rival all but the oldest wyrms. Despite their lack of wings, fjord linnorms can still fly, slithering their way through the air like a snake.2 Fjord linnorms have breath weapons of icy liquid that rapidly freezes to solid ice, hindering the movement of any victims not instantly killed; its bite also boasts a lethal poison of supernatural cold.1 Their death curse, said by some to be the gift of some unknown malevolent god who sees all linnorms as hateful pets,2 robs any creature of its ability to breathe water and even its ability to hold its breath while underwater.1

Fjord linnorms dwell amongst the freezing ocean of the northernmost reaches of Golarion normally amongst the freezing fjords they are named for. Their habitat often overlaps with coastal trade routes and any sensible captain will go out of their way to avoid the hunting grounds of a fjord linnorm. Fjord linnorms venture out from their homes into the open ocean to hunt sharks and whales but also love feasting on the crew of any ships they can catch.1 Fjord linnorms are known to inhabit the Ironbound Islands particularly in the region surrounding Devil's Drain whirlpool between the island of Dragon's Rib and Linnorm Kingdom of Southmoor. Here, they hunt by driving ships into the whirlpool to wreck them; they then feast on the drowning sailors.3


Fjord linnorms are utter misanthropes, hating all living things including other linnorms. They are loathed by true dragons but they bear them no special ill will, fighting and killing them as they do all other creatures. Compared with true dragons, fjord linnorms are rather simple-minded and their hatred stifles their ability to work together, so they are, by default, lonesome creatures. They will only seek out another fjord linnorm once in their existence to mate, usually only one baby linnorm survives from such a mating. Fjord linnorms are hated by almost all other living creatures. They are prone to going on rampages, but it can be centuries between these violent events.2

On Golarion

An especially large fjord linnorm called Ilirjastehr rules over the water orms that dwell within the Lake Lost to the Sun within the Sarkoris Scar. The Lake Lost to the Sun is one of the deepest non-ocean bodies of water in all Golarion and its deepest parts link directly to the Cerulean Sea in the First World. Ilirjastehr not only worships Ragadahn, so-called "King of Dragons", but acts as his direct servant within the lake.4


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