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Ilmurea is a lost subterranean city that was once home to the serpentfolk god Ydersius during the Age of Legend.12


By serpentfolk standards, Ilmurea was a small settlement. However, despite having been badly damaged by both the Azlanti and Earthfall, Ilmurea still exudes the serpentfolk's ancient power. Its buildings, far beyond the scope of human engineering, are scarred but still intact, as are the waterfalls that continue to irrigate it and the serpentstone sculptures that yet exude strange incenses, sounds, and lights.3


Ilmurea was hastily built as a small, emergency military base by the serpentfolk of Sverenagati during the twilight years of their empire, as their war against the Azlanti took greater and greater tolls on them. From this last redoubt, the serpentfolk sought to reclaim what they lost on the surface, but all their plans were ruined when Ydersius was beheaded by the Azlanti heroine Savith. Repeated Azlanti raids eventually forced the serpentfolk to abandon the city and retreat to deeper enclaves. For untold years, the Azlanti garrison looted Ilmurea until Earthfall came and cut them off from supply, causing them to gradually evolve into morlocks.3


Paizo published a major article about Ilmurea, "Ilmurea: Shimmering Spiral of the South", starting on page 62 of The Thousand Fangs Below, as well as an eight-panel poster map of Ilmurea in the Serpent's Skull Poster Map Folio.

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