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Age of Legend

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Age of Legend[1] is a general term used to refer to the "prehistoric" time before the destruction of the Starstone led to the Age of Darkness in -5293 AR. It is marked by the rise of the first human civilization on the lost continent of Azlant,[2] the establishment of the Thassilonian Empire on Avistan's mainland,[3] the rise of the dragon rulers in Tian Xia, and the creation of the cyclops nation of Koloran on the continent of Casmaron.[4][5] It was preceded by the unmeasured time of the Age of Serpents, and ended when the Starstone brought on the collapse of the first human civilizations and the Age of Darkness.[6]

Tian Xia

In Tian Xia, it is thought that dragons ruled the land by divine mandate during this period (which is known as the Age of Dragons there), waiting for humans to assume their rightful place.[7]

Occurrences of note

  • In the waning years of the Age of Legend, Azlanti forces invaded eastern Arcadia, leading to a lasting era of isolationism and distrust of outsiders among Arcadians.[8]
  • Elves settled the Fangwood, where they coexisted peacefully with its fey inhabitants and became comfortable with the forest's many connections to the First World.[9]
  • The planets Damiar and Iovo collide, destroying both worlds and creating the asteroid belt known as the Diaspora. The collision causes a flare bright enough to be seen from Golarion and is observed by the people of ancient Azlant.[10]