Imrizade Blakros

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Imrizade Blakros
Imrizade Blakros
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 3 / Sorcerer 6
(Rogue 1 / Sorcerer 3 in subtier 1–2)
Gender Female
Homeland Absalom
Organization Blakros family
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Source: Call of the Copper Gate, pg(s). 3-4

Imrizade Blakros is a half-Osirian daughter of the famous Blakros family of Absalom and an accomplished adventurer in her own right. She was drawn to the infamous Gate of Beyond in 4689 AR, which formed an unnatural connection with the young woman. Approximately 20 years later, Imrizade was compelled by a being of the Dark Tapestry to open the Gate, but was prevented from doing so by members of the Pathfinder Society.[1]


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