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The Blakros family are the owners of the Blakros Museum in Absalom's Wise Quarter.1 The family made its money by selling goods, relics, and possibly secrets over the border between Taldor and Qadira during the early years of the Grand Campaign.2345


Since their rise to prominence, Blakros women have married a variety of nobles from various lands including Qadiran pashas, Vudran rajahs, and more than one Mwangi tribal chief. These marriages allowed them to amass a large collection of genuine relics to begin the museum.6 Blakros women are renowned for their beauty and fertility, and marrying a Blakros woman is a sure path to wealth and power. The Blakros family demands a considerable dowry from suitors for the privilege of marrying one of their daughters.5

Key members

Michellia Blakros.
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Imrizade Blakros.
Hamaria Blakros
Hamaria is the matriarch of the Blakros family.7
Michellia Blakros
The eldest daughter of the family's matriarch, Michellia requested the hand of the Andoran Major Colson Maldris in marriage. The act of his declination of her proposal brought forth a need for the Pathfinder Society to put forth possible replacement suitors in order to maintain good relations with the family, thus preserving the society's access to the museum.8 She subsequently married the Hellknight Damian Kastner.9
Damian Blakros
Michellia's husband.9
Eleanir Blakros
Michellia's twin sister.7
Dhrami Blakros
A half-Vudran woman, Dhrami is a beautiful daughter of the Blakros family who married Blakros Museum curator Nigel Aldain.101112
Nigel Aldain
A former Pathfinder who married Dhrami Blakros and now serves as curator of the Blakros Museum.10
Pendleton Blakros
Pendleton is the young adult son of Dhrami Blakros.13
Imrizade Blakros
A half-Osirian woman, Imrizade is a daughter of the Blakros family. She is known as a daring and successful adventurer.14
Sarnia Blakros
A daughter of the Blakros family surrendered to the Onyx Alliance in 4700 AR.15


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