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Iobar I

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Titles King Iobar I, Iobar the Potent
Gender Male
Homeland Orlov, Njalgard

Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 55

Iobar, son of Kjell, was the first king of a united Iobaria, as well as the nation's namesake. The heir to the throne of Orlov, he tricked the nine koffars of Njalgard into trial by combat, and besting them, usurped their rule and proclaimed a new nation that reached from the Icewall north of Mendev to the Castrovin Sea.[1]

Iobar I would meet his end at the Battle of Kridorn in 937 AR, when he was slain trying to drive off the pirates who plagued Iobaria's Castrovin coast. His son Hrugil would take up his fight, and drive the pirates from Iobaria.[2]


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