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Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 62

Orlov, the former coastal capital and oldest city of Iobaria, is today but a ruin of its former glory.1 Located on the Lake of Mists and Veils, Orlov was founded in 753 AR2 by explorers from Okormirr who discovered the ancient Koloran Roads. Built on top of the ruins of a cyclopean city, Orlov grew quickly, becoming larger than Orkomirr in 764 AR, and eventually the first proper city in the nation of Njalgard.

In 905 AR, Iobar, heir of Orlov's ruler Kjell, usurped the nine koffars of Njalgard and established the nation of Iobaria, with Orlov as its capital. However, after the fall of Old Iobaria in 3150 AR, Orlov was conquered by foreign powers and their pawns. In 3212 AR, Orlov was reclaimed by three warlords, marking the start of the century-long War of Restoration. During the period of New Iobaria that followed, Antoll served as capital instead of Orlov.

During 4000 AR the city was was attacked by, and repelled, an invasion by frost giants from the Ice Steppes who had pillaged their way across the nation. In 4659 AR, the "plague of boils and bone-aches" hit Franax, and that town's great shipworks moved to Orlov.

Due to the town's numerous ups and downs, its population now numbers at less than half of its former numbers, and much of the city has crumbled into ruins, with the stonemasons walling off complexes deemed too ruined to inhabit. Its scheming prince, Tzakiv Korya, dreams of re-establishing the Empire, but he lacks enough troops to fully man the city's ancient fortifications.3 Still, the Prince has managed to build some alliances with adventure-seekers and investors in Cheliax and the River Kingdoms.3

The city contains many towering structures, built by cyclopes.3


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