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Iron Tower

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The impressive Iron Tower of today's Castle Everstand was originally the magical keep that rose out of the rocky bluff thanks to the resourcefulness of Sergeant Strom Gauntwood in 4515 AR when the Hordeline fell. Named for its dark grey walls and unnatural form—it resembles a slab of iron ore—Iron Tower's appearance is intimidating, and visitors speak for a mysterious aura surrounding the tower.[1]


In the first decades following its foundation, the tower served as a garrison. It has since been converted into personal quarters for Everstand's commander. This means that the Iron Tower is the ancestral home to the Gauntwood lineage for the last 200 years.[1]


Iron Tower consists of a number of floors above ground, which are residential floors, barracks, servants' quarters, war rooms, and lookout posts, but also cellars and catacombs below ground. The underground complex was extended during the second expansion of Castle Everstand and is accessible via well-hidden entrances within the Iron Tower and at several other strategic locations in the castle.[1]

The Gauntwood Crypts under the Iron Tower are dedicated to the lineage of Castle Everstand's commanders and their most honored knights. Distinguished crypts include those of Sir Peran Gauntwood, Captain Gretts Gauntwood, Commander Entwy Gauntwood and the once-joint commanders Kelle Gauntwood and her wife Derrin Gauntwood.[2]