Strom Gauntwood

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Strom Gauntwood
Titles Sergeant
Gender Male
Homeland Castle Everstand, Lastwall
Organization Gauntwood family, Crusader War College
Companion(s) Hale Gauntwood

Source: Castles of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 5

Sergeant Strom Gauntwood was the founder of the Castle Everstand in Lastwall, an unusual fortification that his descendants still command.[1]


When Lastwall's defensive barricade, known as the Hordeline, fell in 4517 AR[2] Watcher-Lord Rader-Seve abandoned the line and drew a new one not far west of the Kestrel River and Ghostlight Marsh. On the evening of 17 Arodus, at the point where the Voulge Bridge crosses the Kestrel River, 400 orc berserkers under the command of Haskodar Warpriest Tulkuk-Thruul were ready to descend upon Sergeant Strom and 40 of his soldiers the following morning. In the night, Strom and his soldiers using their only hope, a deck of many things, rose a solid stone keep out of the rocky bluff adjacent to the bridge. Strom and his soldiers fought and held their position long enough for the Lastwall's heavy cavalry to arrive. Sergeant Strom went on to the War College of Vigil, where his bravery earned him praise, admiration, and a larger command.[1]


Strom's daughter Hale Gauntwood was appointed commander of the Everstand in 4533 AR. Command of the castle has been granted to the Gauntwood lineage ever since.[1]


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