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Source: The Kintargo Contract, pg(s). 33–34

Ithanothaur is a legendary umbral dragon who once made his lair in the Terapasillion, a ziggurat in northern Ravounel, close to the border with Nidal, with ties to the Shadow Plane.1

Ithanothaur does not share the malevolence that is typical of umbral dragons, and consequently is not evilly aligned. He is also a staunch atheist, and finds the concept of religious faith profoundly illogical. As such, unlike many members of his species, Ithanothaur has no particular ties to the government of Nidal. While he recognizes the talent of their shadowcasters, he finds the Nidalese people's devotion to the worship of Zon-Kuthon and the shadows to be baffling and vexing.2


Ithanothaur originally chose the Terapasillion as his lair in large part to keep a close watch on what he refers to as "a nation of shadow-worshiping monkeys". He kept to himself while staying in the Terapasillion, and largely limited his interactions with the outside world to periodic raids on ships or villages for unclear ends.1

Ithanothaur was forced to abandon his lair and establish a new shelter in the mountains to the ziggurat's south in 4641 AR, when a group of Kuthite priests and monks working for the Umbral Court drove him off to take control of the Terapasillion. However, Ithanothaur was able to establish a trap in his old lair that, when triggered or disabled, activates magical warning in the dragon's mind and alerts him to activity in his old home.12


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