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Jim Groves

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Jim Groves
Position Freelance contributor
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Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Bestiary 75"Bestiary" #75 1310October 2013 PF75 (82)
Bestiary 79"Bestiary" #79 1403March 2014 PF79 (78)
Blood of the Elements 1406June 2014 BotE
Champions of Corruption 1409September 2014 CoC
Demon's Heresy"Demon's Heresy" 1310October 2013 PF75 (6)
Frostfur CaptivesThe Frostfur Captives 1108August 2011 PFS3-01
Golden SerpentThe Golden Serpent 1207July 2012 PFS3-24
Green MarketThe Green Market 1209September 2012 PFS4-06
Half-Dead City"The Half-Dead City" 1403March 2014 PF79 (6)
Haunting of Hinojai"The Haunting of Hinojai" 1202February 2012 PFS3-15
Inner Sea Bestiary 1211November 2012 ISB
Missions in Magnimar"Missions in Magnimar" 1209September 2012 PF63 (68)
Murder's Mark 1210October 2012 MM
Shackled Hut"The Shackled Hut" 1303March 2013 PF68 (6)
Missions in Magnimar"Missions in Magnimar" 1210October 2012 PF64 (68)
Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars 1406June 2014 NLoFS
Occult Mysteries 1405May 2014 OM
People of the Stars 1408August 2014 PotS
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