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Ithuna Vardsdottir

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Ithuna Vardsdottir
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human (Ulfen)
Class Cleric 8
Gender Female
Deity Erastil
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 18

Ithuna Vardsdottir is an Ulfen cleric of Erastil raised in the north. Early in life she was given by her poor farming family to the church of Erastil. The old women that raised her followed strict, patriarchal teachings that the young woman learned well. On a visit to the Cairn of Kings to honor her mother's grave, Ithuna discovered evidence that there were once strong matriarchal leaders in the church of Erastil. Upon bringing this evidence back to her community, she was denounced, accused of heresy, and excommunicated. Since then, Ithuna has remained faithful to Erastil and joined the Pathfinder Society. She leads expeditions throughout the north searching tombs for knowledge to restore an accurate account of her ancestors.[1]


A tall Ulfen woman, Ithuna Varisdottir is fair skinned with pale blue eyes and long, straight blonde hair.[1]