Jediah Kheln

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Jediah Kheln
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Ghoul
Class Rogue 5
Gender Male
Homeland Magnimar, Sandpoint

Source: Pathfinder 3, pg(s). 26

Jediah Kheln is a ghoul living in Paupers' Graves, a graveyard about three miles east of Sandpoint.[1]


Kheln is originally from Magnimar, but fled town for Sandpoint after losing all his wealth to treacherous family members and being involved in a theft gone bad. He slept in alleyways while trying to avoid the notice of investigators from Magnimar. While in these desperate straights, he was approached by a mysterious stranger with a proposition to steal a silver medallion from a secret compartment in a statue in Pauper's Graves. Kheln did as the stranger indicated, but was betrayed, as the stranger was Kanker, a ghoul priest of Kabriri. The medallion conferred protection over the graveyard, but was rendered powerless by the theft.[1]

Kheln was infected with ghoul fever, died several days later in Sandpoint, and rose as a ghoul. He has made Paupers' Graves his home for the past several years. He has infected others, turning them into ghouls and worked with Kanker to alchemically transform dogs into ghoul hounds.[1][2]


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