Paupers' Graves

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Paupers' Graves is a small graveyard three miles east of Sandpoint along the old Varisian Kaspakari (traditional coastal route along the Lost Coast). It was used as a graveyard by the poor of Sandpoint and the laborers from Magnimar who built the town. Usage dwindled once the Sandpoint Boneyard was opened to all regardless of ability to pay.12

Several years ago Jediah Kheln robbed the cemetery of its medallion of the Empyreal Lord Ashava. Kanker, ghoul priest of Kabriri, tricked Kheln into this theft. Kheln was repaid by Kanker with his death and transformation into a ghoul. Since then Kheln has turned the graveyard into his personal domain, building an underground warren for himself, his ghoul thralls, and his feral ghoul hounds.1

The warrens extend throughout the region, reaching under Devil's Platter and even to the old smuggler's tunnels beneath Sandpoint. Kanker presides over an ancient temple to Kabriri somewhere in the tunnels.3