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The demonic rune of Kabriri
Titles Him Who Gnaws,
Lord of Ghouls,
Demon Lord of Graves and Ghouls
Home Everglut, the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Areas of Concern Ghouls
Secrets kept by the dead
Worshipers Cannibals, conspirators, ghasts, ghouls, grave robbers, necrophiles
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Death, Evil, Knowledge
Subdomains Demon, Memory, Murder, Undead
Favored Weapon Flail
Symbol Skull bowl of maggots
Sacred Animal Grave worms
Sacred Colors Blue, ivory
Images of Kabriri

The carrion-stenched demon lord Kabriri (pronounced ka-BREE-ree)[1] is the patron of Golarion's flesh hungry, cannibalistic ghouls.


His signature weapon is a two-headed flail made of iron and bone capable of rotting flesh and creating ghouls by touch.[2] His unholy symbol is a maggot-filled bowl made from a human skull.[3]

One myth is that Kabriri was the first mortal to eat the flesh of his brother, only to die soon after from a stomach complaint, and to be reborn in the Abyss as the first ghoul. [4] Some claim that in life Kabriri was an elf, and that this is the reason that ghouls having long ears and slender bodies, and also why elves are immune to their paralysis. [5]


Kabriri dwells in the Abyssal realm of Everglut, a cyclopean necropolis which is said to have spontaneously created itself in welcome for the first human soul to have committed cannibalism. Lit by strange green light, the libraries of Everglut are unusually vast. It is said that going deep past ranked shelves and certain blocked doors can lead to similar libraries hidden deep under Leng.[6]


Kabriri resembles the ghouls that so fervently worship his flesh-eating doctrine. Kabriri flesh is pallid with the cold, waxy texture of dead skin, his frame is well-muscled yet emaciated as if he had been starved for countless years, his mouth boasted teeth far sharper than a humans, designed to rend flesh. Kabriri's hand are far more talon like than that of the average ghouls his feet are also different being cloven hooves rather than human feet,[3][2] this aspect he shares with the more powerful ghuls who sometime serve as his high priests.[7]

Worshipers and cults

Kabriri is predominantly worshiped by the cannibalistic ghouls that dwell in the hidden warrens beneath the earth's surface, especially the more civilized specimens who dwell in the Darklands city of Nemret-Noktoria deep beneath Osirion. Nemret-Noktoria has strong connections with undead nation of Geb which also harbours a ghoul population dedicated to He Who Gnaws.[8] Some of his followers enacted bloody rituals in his honour beneath the gibbous moon, dancing and feasting beneath the nights sky.[7] His followers tend to wear black and purple robes, and use the foul carrion 'perfume of Kabriri'.[3]

A notable exception to Kabriri's worship is the Leng ghouls, who predominantly worship Nyarlathotep instead and view Kabriri as a false patron. Kabriri teaches that the ghouls of Leng turned their back on him, but the ghouls cite compelling evidence that they are far older than Kabriri himself is. They see the antics of Kabriri's followers as the stumblings of children discovering a lifestyle they have lived for eons.[6]