Jerikal Ashworth

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Jerikal Ashworth
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Halfling
Class Cleric of Shelyn 5 / Expert 1
Gender Male
Homeland Katapesh City, Katapesh
Deity Shelyn

Source: Dark Markets, pg(s). 33

Jerikal Ashworth is a retired halfling adventurer-turned-brewmaster who now runs one of Katapesh's most unique breweries, Jerikal's Ales. This brewery is so unique because of Jerikal and his ability to imbue his alcohol with the magical qualities of a potion making his drinks very popular with adventurers. Interestingly for a cleric so devoted to brewing, Jerikal is not a worshipper of Cayden Cailean but is, in fact, a worshipper of Shelyn, the goddess of art and beauty; Jerikal claims brewing as his preferred artistic medium. He is good friends with Tomlin Orlof the local priest of Cayden Cailean who uses his brewery as the local temple to his god, an arrangement Jerikal seems happy with.[1]