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Plague Queen of Kho
Source: The Slave Trenches of Hakotep, pg(s). 48

Jeshura was a Shory criminal formerly affiliated with Pharaoh Hakotep I.1


Jeshura's sister Sehela was a skilled Shory engineer.1


Jeshura was forced to flee her hometown of Kho when her obsession with diseases and manipulation of the sick was discovered. Seeking refuge in Osirion, she was accepted by Hakotep, and helped him immensely by sharing her knowledge of Shory magic with him. Her greatest contribution was to make her sister Sehela believe that she was seeking forgiveness, only to turn her over to Hakotep. Although Jeshura believed that the 'gift' of her sister should have cemented her role as Hakotep's queen, he only ended up relying more and more on Sehela's engineering expertise, becoming fond of her and relegating Jeshura to a mere assassin.1

Eventually, the envious Jeshura decided to assassinate Hakotep and return to her people. Knowing that she needed power, she engineered a disease that destroyed her body and reincarnated her into the body of a pairaka. However, her plot was foiled by the Akhumen, and as her body rebuilt, she was placed in a sarcophagus lined with cold iron spikes that pierce her body and render her conscious but helpless. After millennia of imprisonment, she could do nothing but wait while her insanity grew.1


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