Jirandiel Waverider

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Jirandiel Waverider
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Elf
Class Swashbuckler (inspired blade) 12[1]
Gender Female
Homeland Waverider's Island, Qadira
Organization Chelish Navy (formerly)
Companion(s) Flak'ak, Phlegos Dulm
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Source: Slaver's End, pg(s). 18–19

Jirandiel Waverider is a former Chelish Navy captain turned pirate after Pathfinders stole her ship and a prisoner she was transporting, resulting in her losing her naval commission in disgrace. Her current ship is a clipper dubbed the Waverider's Revenge, and she primarily harries shipping routes off the southwestern coast of Qadira.[2]

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  1. As of Slaver's End in subtier 8-9; she is level 9 in subtier 5-6. Jirandiel was a rogue 4 / ranger 3 / duelist 2 or 5 in No Plunder, No Pay.
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