Phlegos Dulm

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Phlegos Dulm

Venture-Captain (formerly)
Source: Slaver's End, pg(s). 19 (1E)
Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 74
f. (2E)

Phlegos Dulm is a half-orc ex-venture-captain of the Pathfinder Society who previously operated in the city of Katapesh. Phlegos was described as a corpulent potion merchant and slave trader.

Formerly a member of the Pathfinder Society, Phlegos Dulm worked in cooperation with other venture-captains to provide support for Pathfinder agents. This came to an end after the retirement of the senior operative Roderus, at which point Phlegos began to use underhanded methods to cut off the influence of fellow Venture-Captain Wulessa Yuul in order to gain authority of the region for himself. Hoping to curry favour with the Pactmasters due to outstanding debts, his plots eventually came unraveled and he was ultimately captured by Pathfinder agents on an island off the coast of Qadira and was sent back to the Decemvirate for justice.12

Before his disgrace, he lived in the Kotargo Lodge at the center of the Lower City and was in charge of missions in the markets of Katapesh, as he was able to pass through the treacherous local mercantile bureaucracy. At the time he seemingly had the grudging respect of the Pactmasters but his unpaid debts had soured their relationship with the Society. He was a master of caustic drugs and unguents, and his enemies often turned up poisoned.34


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