Jostlin Ferqyr

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Jostlin Ferqyr
Titles Councilwoman, Keeper of the Vault of Abadar
Alignment Lawful neutral
Class Cleric 15
Gender Female
Homeland Ivy District, Absalom
Deity Abadar
Organization Grand Council, Vault of Abadar
Cohort Brotherhood of Abadar

Source: Tapestry's Trial, pg(s). 4

Jostlin Ferqyr is the Ivy District's councilwoman and Keeper of the Vault of Abadar in Absalom.

She is experiencing some tension with Ivy District Nomarch Alain Always, guildmaster of the Street Performers and Actors' Guild in Absalom, over her controversial employ of a group of street enforcers called the Brotherhood of Abadar, who are led by a paladin named Bor Dralfo.[1]


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