Kaigon the Miscreant

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Kaigon the Miscreant
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Dwarf
Class Barbarian 1 / rogue 4 / Pathfinder delver 2
Gender Male
Homeland Shattered Range
Organization Pathfinder Society

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 19

Most Pathfinders are driven by some internal force, but Kaigon the Miscreant is driven by an outside force: his addiction to the drug, shiver. Shiver has been a lifelong addiction for the now paranoid and easily angered dwarf. To fund his addiction, Kaigon took to grave-robbing, which has given him a expertise in cemeteries, burial practices, and genealogy.[1]

Kaigon is an interesting, and useful, guide or companion as he is fearless in a fight. However, he has an increasing tendency to pick fights with opponents far beyond his ability to best.[1]


The fierce dwarf is easily recognized. He typically has the sides of his head shaved, styling his bright red, thick mane into a mohawk. His beard is well-kept; mainly free with a couple of braids. His wild eyes are an earthy brown. Kaigon's most notable features are his many personally-worked tattoos that cover his body, even his face. Each is a personal reference to his experiences and mysteries he has encountered. It has been remarked that, to the Pathfinder Society, Kaigon's hide is worth more than he is.[1]