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Titles King
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Gender Male
Homeland Ustalav
Organization House Ustav

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 190

King Kaldemov,[1] facing the threat of a civil war among Ustalav's noble families, split his nation into sixteen separate counties in 2862 AR. Each of the major noble families were given nearly complete autonomy within their territories, but each also owed allegiance to the crown. This system of government survived until the nation's conquest by the Whispering Tyrant in 3203 AR.[2][3][4]


  1. Princess Carmina Ustav is mentioned in respect of the creation of the sixteen counties on p55 of the Gazetteer published in April 2008. In the The Inner Sea World Guide, a higher tier source, King Kaldemar is credited with this change. We have, therefore, removed Princess Carmina from canon as per Paizo's change, leaving this footnote to avoid confusion for anyone searching for the Princess. Perhaps in later Paizo publications a relationship between Kaldemar and Carmina might be created.
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