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Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Half-fiend griffon
Gender Male
Homeland Five Kings Mountains
Deity Treerazer

Source: Mythical Monsters Revisited, pg(s). 20-21

Karadoon is a red-eyed griffon with black fur and wicked ebon wings. Its head and the front half of its body resemble that of a great raven, while its other half resembles that of a lean panther. The beast stalks the northern highlands of the Five Kings Mountains preying on caravans traveling to and from the dwarven city of Tar-Kazmukh. Most dwarves recognize Karadoon as a minion of the infamous nascent demon lord Treerazer, which escaped from his master's prison in Tanglebriar to the north. The beast has developed a keen taste for dwarven flesh causing the stout inhabitants, even many of the Blue Warders, to fear straying too far from Tar-Kazmukh's walls.[1]

Karadoon's taint drives him against his own kindred. It is known that the ebon beast abandons all other prey if he spots another griffon, killing the creature and then devouring it. Sometimes caravan leaders bring along captive griffons and release them to distract the corrupted beast.[1]


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