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Alignment Chaotic evil (assumed)
Race/Species Black dragon ravener
Gender Female
Homeland Isle of Terror

Source: Artifacts & Legends, pg(s). 28

Karamorros is a great wyrm black dragon who lived on the Isle of Terror prior to the arrival of Tar-Baphon.[1]


Karamorros had a son, Istravek, and a daughter, Naraga.[1]


As a mortal dragon

In 872 AR, when Tar-Baphon was still a living, breathing human, he sensed a strange thinness between the planes on the Isle of Terror and sought to claim it from Karamorros and her children. He negotiated with Istravek and Naraga, and even recruited them into his service, but Karamorros saw the island's interior as her realm and denied Tar-Baphon entrance. When Istravek was wounded when working for Tar-Baphon, Karamorros was enraged and destroyed one of his hermitages as punishment for endangering her son. Tar-Baphon, realising how protective Karamorros was of her children, imprisoned them and threw their scales at her feet. He threatened to torture them further, and Karamorros had no choice but to give him access.[1][2]

In 881 AR, Tar-Baphon successfully tore a rift from the Isle of Terror to the Negative Energy Plane, which he named the Wizard-King's Pit. In order to test it, he called upon Naraga, having already transformed her and Istravek into raveners. The furious Karamorros attacked Tar-Baphon but was stopped by her own daughter, who grappled her and dove into the Wizard-King's Pit.[1][2]

As a ravener

Some time after Tar-Baphon was imprisoned in Gallowspire, Karamorros came back from the Negative Energy Plane, having been transformed into a ravener herself, with a fresh desire to take revenge on Tar-Baphon and any who support his return. She returned to find the nightwing Jolanera stealing most of the secrets that Tar-Baphon had left on the Isle of Terror. Karamorros correctly discovered the terms of Jolanera's bargain with Tar-Baphon: servitude in exchange for planar knowledge. However, this bargain was something that Tar-Baphon had failed to fulfil before he was imprisoned, and so Karamorros offered Jolanera a similar deal. Explaining to Jolanera that Tar-Baphon was too pathetic to hold up his end of the bargain, especially with Karamorros waiting to thwart him were he to come back, she successfully convinced Jolanera to help with her vengeance. In the process, Jolanera could further her own schemes. However, latterly, Jolanera has become frustrated by how Karamorros has made such little progress toward either of their goals.[1][3]

Karamorros is pleased with how Jolanera still follows the terms of her agreement with Tar-Baphon, as she hopes to trick him into trusting Jolanera until the nightwing can be used to help her avenge her children. Jolanera keeps a potential plan to betray Karamorros to Tar-Baphon a secret, as such a betrayal might be more beneficial to her. Outside of Jolanera, no one has ever seen Karamorros since her return as Jolanera does not want the knowledge to leak to Tar-Baphon's servants, who might attack her.[3]

In 4719 AR, after Tar-Baphon returned and reclaimed the Isle of Terror as his headquarters, Karamorros hastily attacked him and was forced to retreat for her troubles. She now licks her wounds on the isle, still plotting to overthrow the Tyrant.[4]