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Khamos Al-Awlaq

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Khamos Al-Awlaq
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Ghoul
Class Alchemist 5 / Bard 2
Gender Male
Homeland Eto, Osirion
Died c. 4702 AR

Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 22

The eccentric scholar Khamos Al-Awlaq owns a small antiquities shop in the mercantile district of Eto in Osirion. He sells unusual objects and pieces of art to wealthy collectors, adventurers and royal courts that have been excavated. He often contributes to the Grand Library of Eto. He welcomes fellow tomb raiders whom he frequently employs to perform seemingly small tasks that inevitably unravel into dangerous adventures of questionable morality. Khamos' secret is that he in fact a ghoul. Around 4702 AR, he made his way out of Jetrieti V's tomb with an incredibly powerful artifact which inflicted upon him a deadly illness. Khamos was in desperation and he began to consume powdered mumia even though he knew the risks involved. The foul substance invigorated Khamos who began to buy more and more bodies of the dead to enjoy his new youthfulness.[1]