Kosiavitch Criath

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Kosiavitch Criath
Race/Species Human (Iobarian)
Class Sorcerer
Gender Male
Homeland Daruthrost, Iobaria

Source: Maiden, Mother, Crone, pg(s). 73

Kosiavitch Criath was a charismatic Iobarian sorcerer who lived in the Iobarian city of Daruthrost. When Daruthrost was struck by plague, Criath gathered a number of followers to butcher victims of the disease in an attempt to prevent its spread. When the plague victims barricaded themselves in the upper levels of the great bridge of Daruthrost, his followers carved isolated living quarters for themselves within the bridge's span itself. It is unknown what happened to Criath afterwards, but plague struck his followers a decade later, and despite their brutal attempts to prevent its spread, there were no recorded survivors of Daruthrost.[1]


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