Krun Thuul

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Krun Thuul
Krun Thuul

Warlord of the Black Sun
Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 6

Krun Thuul is a military genius from the Hold of Belkzen.1

Born to the Black Sun tribe of orcs, Krun was the runt of the litter, bullied and mocked by all around him. But Krun had something that all of his brothers and sisters and tribe mates lacked: brains and wits. And he leveraged this advantage to its utmost; he became the Warlord of the Black Sun, with dominion over all his tribe.

It was not enough for Krun. He gathered up the Black Sun orcs, and gave up their historic claims to the land. They became a nomadic army, wandering Belkzen's battlefields, siding with whomever would pay him the highest coin. His coffers overflow with wealth, and he patiently waits for the time when he has assembled enough wealth, muscle, and steel to pursue his true goal: the lands of men.2


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