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Black Sun tribe

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Black Sun
Type Orc tribe
Leader Krun Thuul
Alignment Chaotic evil
Headquarters Hold of Belkzen
Scope National

Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 32

The orc Black Sun tribe traces its history all the way back to the warlord Belkzen himself. The black sun was the standard of Belkzen and his vast army of orc tribes that crushed the dwarves at the Battle of Nine Stones in -3708 AR and conquered Koldukar.[1]


Today the leader of the legendary Black Sun tribe is Krun Thuul. The tribe is strong and influential, even if other orc leaders dispute this claim, and any major undertaking in the Hold of Belkzen would better be supported by the Black Sun tribe.[2]


Unlike the other tribes of Belkzen, the Black Suns do not lay claim to any land. Instead, they offer their services to any other tribe during the yearly Proving Time.[3]