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Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Elf (Ekujae)
Class Ranger 4
Gender Male
Homeland Mwangi Expanse
Organization Lantern Bearers
Animal Companion Ganmeed (hawk)

Source: Shadow in the Sky, pg(s). 35-38

Kwava is an ekujae elf from the Mwangi Expanse who serves his tribe as a world-traveling tracker and hunter. He works for the Shin'Rakorath, also known as the Lantern Bearers, in western Varisia.[1]


Kwava is a deeply tanned, tattooed elf with white hair. He is accompanied by his animal companion, a gray hawk named Ganmeed.[1]


Kwava is descended from a long line of ekujae heroes.[1]


Kwava joined the Shin'Rakorath after hearing its motto about being a light against coming darkness, which aligned with a prophetic vision from his tribe's shamans showing him holding a single light against darkness.[1]


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