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Titles The Yellow Dragon
Alignment Evil
Race/Species Gold dragon
Gender Male
Homeland Andoran
Died Before 4081 AR

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 38, 43

Kwislingyr was a gold dragon of the Aleirt bloodline and the only known specimen of his kind to fall into evil.[1]


Some time before Cheliax split from Taldor, Kwislingyr terrorized the imperial provinces that would one day become Andoran for nearly 150 years. Attempts by other gold dragons to redeem him, and by dragonslayers to fell him, all failed.[1] Each time the tarnished gold dragon appeared, his scales grew duller and less lustrous.[2]

Death and burial

Kwislingyr eventually died under unknown circumstances; his emaciated body was found by a company of dwarven miners who mistook him for a previously unknown yellow species of chromatic dragon. The dwarves claimed the body and displayed it as a curiosity in several Sky Citadels until they buried him at the bequest of another gold dragon, Winsilax.[1]


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