4081 AR

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Age of Enthronement
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4081 AR in conflicts

  • The Taldan governor of the province of Cheliax declares independence, and puts himself on the throne of the new nation, calling himself King Aspex the Even-Tongued. In the ensuing decade, in what would become known as the Even-Tongued Conquest, Aspex succeeds in claiming the territories of Andoran as part of the new Chelaxian empire through diplomacy. He also manages to claim Isger and Galt as part of his burgeoning new empire through military force. While Taldor objects, it lacks the military power to oppose him, due to its conflict with its southern neighbor Qadira,123 and Cheliax quickly becomes the dominant military and cultural power of Avistan.4

4081 AR in people

  • According only to contemporary and often unreliable Chelish sources, Alivia Thrune is granted in this year the title Duchess of Central Cheliax by Aspex the Even-Tongued for being his most loyal and capable general.5

4081 AR in politics

  • Lastwall declares independence from Taldor, claiming it needs to maintain political neutrality in order to continue guarding Tar-Baphon within his prison of Gallowspire. The newly formed government of Lastwall states that it does not wish to get involved in the growing feud between Cheliax and Taldor. Cheliax supports Lastwall's independence while Taldor objects, but is unable to send its military to intervene.16


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