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Gold dragon

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Gold Dragon
A gold dragon.
Type Dragon
CR 7–23 (by age category)
Environment Warm plains
Images of gold dragons

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 34-39

Gold dragons are the pinnacle of metallic dragonkind and are almost worshiped by other good-aligned dragons. Other metallic dragons often seek out a gold dragon for advice or aid.

The gold dragon Parnoneryx fights alongside Iomedae.
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Unlike most dragons, gold dragons prefer warm open surface lands over caves, underground lairs, and other defensible structures. There are few creatures who can challenge them in battle, and their good nature and considerate actions give others few reasons to fight them.

They carefully and sustainably hunt roaming herd animals by thinning their herds of their weakest members, graze on grass and leaves, and also enjoy well-seasoned foods—some going so far as to sponsor or purchase establishments that prepare food how they like it.

While their lairs are often open, they still prefer to sleep on beds of coins.[1]


As ready and capable advisers, many creatures seek the aid of gold dragons, including angels, good-aligned divine beings, and other good-aligned dragons.

In a less formal sense, they also enjoy the company of all metallic dragons, though none more than their own kind. Gold dragon neighbors meet frequently to discuss philosophy and drink wine.[1] Silver dragons are sometimes mentored by gold dragons to patiently keep them on the path of goodness.[2]

A particularly prominent gold dragon might be responsible for calling a Convocation of Dragons once or twice a century.[3]

Gold dragons who take on human form tend to blend in, with some even portraying several generations of a single "family".[2]


Gold dragons are renowned for their intelligence, wisdom, advice, and considerate decision-making. Some are known to spend days in isolation to think about decisions.[4]

Gold dragons can breathe fire and fly faster than most other dragons their age.[5]

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