Laribold Croome

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Laribold Croome
Aliases The Gentleman Explorer
Titles Sir
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Aristocrat 4 / Bard 2
Gender Male
Homeland Taldor
Organization Pathfinder Society
Companion(s) Percy

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 22

Sir Laribold Croome is the epitome of the Gentleman Explorer, immaculate in manner and speech. Despite, or perhaps because of, a demeanor that many would find pretentious, Sir Croome is a very successful Pathfinder.

The Taldan lord, Sir Croome is independently wealthy, funding his own expeditions. He is always dressed for the occasion in the finest garments, whether he is in the grandest house or the most loathsome swamp. He eschews common melee, resolving all violent altercations by issuing a formal duel, even with mindless monsters.[1]

Sir Croome is accompanied at all times by his halfling manservant, Percy. Percy maintains his lord properly, informing his master of the current situation, scouting if necessary, and even announcing Sir Croome's arrival so a proper entrance can be made.[1]


The Gentleman Explorer is well groomed under all circumstances. Percy ensures that Sir Croome's straight black hair is neatly trimmed at his collar, his lightly bronzed face perfectly clean shaven. The Gentleman waxes his own pencil-thin mustache, has clear, knowledgeable, black eyes and wears a monocle.[1]