Levisvia Vasvion

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Levisvia Vasvion

Source: For Queen & Empire, pg(s). 54-55 (1E)
World Guide, pg(s). 100 (2E)

Archduchess Levisvia Vasvion is a noble from the Chelish capital of Egorian who played a pivotal role in rallying forces to quell the Glorious Reclamation. Her expertise in identifying traitors has earned her significant praise and recognition throughout Cheliax.1


The Vasvion family of Egorian has existed since long before the Thrune Ascendancy, and has wielded substantial political and economic influence. However, like empires, families too can weaken from within as external adversaries exploit their vulnerabilities. At some distant point in time, the Vasvion bloodline intermingled with that of a demonic intruder, although the specifics have been obscured by the passage of ages. Despite the house's association with the Abyss, chaos, murder, and treachery, often unfairly, rumors of this intermingling persist.2

Levisvia Vasvion, unlike her ancestors, refuses to accept this fate with passivity or resignation. Possessing sharp wit, indomitable will, captivating beauty, and a talent for navigating the intricacies of romance and politics, Levisvia aspires to elevate her family beyond its current state. She remains on the precipice of restoring the Vasvion name to its former glory, ever determined to secure power and prosperity for her family.2


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