Thrune Ascendancy

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The Thrune Ascendancy refers to when House Thrune seized the throne of Cheliax ending 34 years of chaos and civil war following the death of Aroden in 4606 AR.[1] The Treaty of Egorian was signed on the 19th day of Calistril, 4640 AR, and marked the commencement of the rule of House Thrune over Cheliax and its territories. Loyalty Day is held each year on the anniversary of the signing the treaty.[2]

This event also created a new interpretation of the history of Cheliax with Asmodeus emerging as new patron saint of Cheliax replacing Aroden. Much of the history of Cheliax prior to the Thrune Ascendancy has been erased by the agents of House Thrune. New history books are produced every three months and the Order of the Rack have made it their responsibility to ensure that libraries and universities have the most up to date copies, burning the old editions in so called 'clarity pyres'.[3][4]