Living graffiti

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Living graffiti

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 162

Living graffiti are paintings given life and unbound from their canvases by strange magic.1


Most look cartoonish or like caricatures of humanoids but their appearances are as varied as the muses of their creators.1


They can move along flat surfaces they touch, and can only briefly separate themselves from them, which they do to attack other creatures. Although not very intelligent, living graffiti are mischievous and seem to wish to turn the real world into a caricature. While living graffiti can be damaged by conventional means, they are also severely harmed if the surface that hosts them is destroyed: a process which shunts them to the nearest surface capable of sustaining them. In the case that there is no solid surface close enough, this completely destroys them. Adventurers claim that the most reliable way to destroy one is to trap it in a floating canvas or to abandon it in a windy desert.1


Most living graffiti are made from oil, but others can be made from beeswax, pastels, tempera, or even mud.1

  • Blood: Those made of blood can feed off bleeding wounds to shore up their injuries.1
  • Chalk: Those made of chalk can create a blast of chalk powder that blinds creatures.1
  • Ink: Those made of ink are hardier and have more powerful blows, but are broken apart by water.1


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