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Titles Lord
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Loric Fells, River Kingdoms
Died Presumed dead ca. 4701 AR

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 27

Prior to his presumed death in 4701 AR, the prospector and explorer Lord Loric led Loric Fells, the River Kingdom founded in his name.[1][2]


Loric was a Taldan prospector who, in 4693 AR, led an expedition into the Wyvernkill in search of the rich mineral veins there. It ended in disaster: a third of his men were killed in goblin raids, and Loric was forced to retreat in shame. He returned again (much poorer) with a larger and better equipped army of mercenaries, then spent six years scouring the fells of its monstrous humanoid population.[1]

Lords of the River Kingdom did not take Loric seriously at first, but his dogged determination (and the great number of goblin standards he brought to the Outlaw Council every year) was enough to earn their respect. In 4700 AR, the Outlaw Council named Loric lord of the region, and renamed it to Loric Fells.[1]

The suppression of the goblin population had an unplanned side effect: the troll tribes, led by a coven of green hags, led a successful campaign against the Worg Queen and drove her out of Rookwarden. In 4701 AR, Loric and his mercenaries were ambushed by a group of scrags. Nobody escaped, and when Loric failed to show up at the Outlaw Council the next year, he was presumed dead by all. His disappearance spurned many lords to muster raids into the Fells and, at present, chaos has settled over the region.[1]


Loric created maps of the Fells during his expeditions, and while they are considered roughly geographically accurate, they depicted few points of interest beyond Rookwarden. Some of the maps Loric created can still be purchased.[2]