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Green Hag

A green hag is a type of hag that are usually solitary, but sometimes gather together in covens of three hags (of any type). They hate beauty, and delight in corrupting or destroying it. They often assume the forms of attractive young women in order to ruin the lives of young men.1


In its natural form, a green hag appears as a sickly, green-skinned crone. A typical specimen is between five and six feet in height, and 160 pounds in weight.1

These hags are associated with swamps, forests, and other natural areas. Green hags are often depicted as old, wizened crones with a knack for deception.1


Green hags have a number of magical abilities, primarily from the illusion school. If forced into melee combat, they use their sharp claws, which sap the strength from their opponents.1

They have an affinity for magic related to illusion and transformation. They are known to shape-shift and disguise themselves as attractive individuals to lure victims into their traps. Green hags are also skilled spellcasters, using their magic to manipulate and harm others.1



Changelings born from green hags are known as green-born changelings or callow mays. Though they are often withdrawn and soft-spoken, they are superb manipulators, yet have a deep appreciation of the natural world.2

On Golarion

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A coven of green hags known as the Stroud Sisters lives in the River Kingdoms.3

The green hag lich Wilendithas lairs in the southern Narlmarches of the River Kingdom of Mivon.4


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