Mafaere Alonsyn

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Mafaere Alonsyn

Source: Lord of the Black Sands, pg(s). 68

Mafaere Alonsyn is a ghostly drow1 who leads the Cult of the Faceless Sphinx, a cult dedicated to the worship of Nyarlathotep.2


Mafaere was born to House Dolour in Zirnakaynin, and rose to a position of power within her house before being assassinated in her sleep by a rival house. The furious drow rose as a ghost, attacked the house responsible for her death, and killed all its members. The only survivor was a housemaid named Falaim, who fled to the surface and hid herself among the trade caravans and nomads of the Osirian Desert.2

Mafaere was consumed with rage over this failure and almost destroyed herself. Before this could happen, however, she received a vision of Nyarlathotep in his aspect of the Faceless Sphinx. The god promised her the completion of her vengeance and the destruction of her house's enemies, but in return she would have to fulfill his commands to her. Mafaere embraced her new god, and set to recruiting other drow to her cause and faith. In addition to converting other members of House Dolour, she swayed numerous influential drow from other houses away from traditional worship of the demon lords and to that of the Faceless Sphinx, forming an extensive network across drow society. Alongside these agents, Mafaere spent centuries venturing to the surface to carry out their god's complex commands, spreading the Faceless Sphinx's teachings, and manipulating the history of Osirion to Nyarlathotep's liking.2

Over the centuries, however, Nyarlathotep's promise of the Outer Gods' return and the downfall of Falaim and her descendants has not come about, causing Mafaere to grow increasingly discontent. In response, she is preparing to lead her forces in an open attack on the surface aimed at hunting down and destroying the nomadic Vourinoi that Mafaere believes protect her old enemy.2


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