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Thaleon, a Vourinoi elf.

The Vourinoi, commonly known as desert elves, are an elven ethnicity who make their homes in the fertile river valleys or oases of Osirion.1


Many Vourinoi have dark brown skin and black hair, although individuals might have blue, green, or white hair.2


Vourinoi are well aware of their home's inhospitality; they are gregarious and welcoming toward travellers and nomads who pass by their land and eagerly provide them with shelter and water. They are taught to be charming and eloquent, and prefer to peacefully resolve conflicts. They are fiercely independent and view themselves as being separate from human nations, and due to their skill at magic and warfare the pharaohs of Osirion have largely left them alone. Any who dare attempt to control or corrupt their oases quickly earn the Vourinoi's ire.2

Most Vourinoi worship Desna and delight in travelling and meeting new faces, even by elven standards. They are particularly fond of visiting their Mualijae cousins in the Mwangi Expanse and vice versa. Many Vourinoi believe in the Brightness philosophy, which posits that they will be reincarnated upon death.2


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