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Magic in Korvosa

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The city of Korvosa has two schools of magic—the prestigious Acadamae in the Heights District[1] and the smaller Theumanexus College in the East Shore district.[2]

Magic shops

The Gilded Orrery in the Heights District is a shop specialising in items relating to conjuration magic, but also stocks a wide selection of other magical goods. It is affiliated to the Acadamae and never sells to the general public.[3]

There are also a number of minor magical shops in the Midland District. Sagitar Tiguan has a stall in the Gold Market at which he sells magical trinkets of dubious utility. In nearby Eodred's Walk, Basha occasionally sells magical writings in his bookshop whilst Phaedron Skoda sells supplies for the crafting of magical and alchemical items. Magical bladed weapons can be bought and sold at Slicing Dicers, whilst bowyer Jope Chantsmo hires a wizard from the Acadamae to magically enhance bows and arrows for trusted customers.[4]