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Rogue 1 / Bard 1
Source: Guide to Korvosa, pg(s). 62

Basha is a cartographer and owner of the Basha's Maps bookshop. Basha has somewhat of a reputation for forging treasure maps which he attempts to sell to gullible treasure seekers.12 He also has a reputation for paying his suppliers late.34


Basha sports a moustache and invokes the name of the god Abadar frequently in his conversation.5


Basha claims to have been an adventurer who has now retired.4


The shop, Basha's Maps, or simply Basha's, stands at the end of the semicircle of Eodred's Walk within the Midland district of Korvosa. The small shop is an outlet for books, maps and some magical scrolls. Like all the shops in the crescent, it is a three-storey, whitewashed wooden building with its upper floors overhanging the ground floor and the shop itself forming a wedge shape opening out towards the back of the shop. Its entrance is through a huge wooden door leading into an interior that is reminiscent of a gentleman's library.41


Basha has recently been employing Declan Avari as his forger of fake treasure maps. One of these maps led its purchaser to a valuable Osirian hoard in the Mindspin Mountains hinting at Declan's magical power through drawing. Basha was threatened by Ellasif Maritsdotter to persuade Declan to travel north towards Irrisen with a Varisian caravan under the pretence of making a map of the Sanos Forest.6