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The Maker
The Maker.
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Kolyarut
Gender Female
Homeland Axis
Images of the Maker

Source: Tapestry's Trial, pg(s). 12

The Maker is an eclectic kolyarut inevitable and subject of an experiment, which involves implanting a memory engram of Hao Jin into her, conducted by the authorities of the Adamantine Crucible in order to explore new inevitable-forging techniques. While the experiment was supposed to end around 4715 AR, the engram has not been reclaimed, due to its low priority. During this time, the Maker has started to integrate part of Hao Jin's personality and grow unstable. She continues to work 20 hours each day in the Adamantine Crucible as an inevitable builder and designer, and spends her free time relaxing in the Hearth-Grown House.[1][2]